Nebraska Football: Lance Leipold ‘a candidate to watch’ according to analyst

Kansas Jayhawks head coach Lance Leipold reacts d(Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports)
Kansas Jayhawks head coach Lance Leipold reacts d(Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports) /

Lance Leipold continues to be considered one of the top candidates for Nebraska football. However, if the Huskers are looking to hire him, it doesn’t appear that they will be the only suitors.

It’s been thought for quite a while that the Wisconsin Badgers might be after Lance Leipold at the end of the season. Of course, there’s also a chance that Jim Leonhard will just get promoted to full-time coach any day now.

The fact that the Badgers might be backing out of the Lance Leipold sweepstakes could be why when Adam Rittenberg went through the five teams that are looking for a head coach, Nebraska football came out as the spot most likely to land KU’s head man.

Rittenberg actually spoke about five teams that are on the hunt for new head coaches. Count the ESPN analyst among those who believe the Badgers are going to go with the man who is currently their head coach.

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One of the most interesting selections on this list is the Arizona Sun Devils. While there aren’t many people who think that the Huskers really have to compete with the Pac-12 team, it appears that one name has been mentioned for both teams.

Matt Rhule is recently fired by the Carolina Panthers, and it’s a safe bet that should he want to come back to the college ranks, he’ll be able to do so. He’s been mentioned as a possible hire for the Nebraska football team, but Rittenberg thinks he’s headed elsewhere. Specifically, he thinks the now-former Panthers coach is headed to Arizona State.

The other jobs on the list, according to Rittenberg aren’t going to be filled by jobs that the Huskers should be all that interested in. He believes that Jamey Chadwell is the name to watch for Georgia Tech. While Chadwell was mentioned very early on for the Huskers, it’s unlikely he’s got the resume Alberts is looking for in his search.

For Colorado, Rittenberg thinks Colorado will be pulling from the Big Ten. He thinks the Buffaloes are looking at Illinois defensive coordinator Ryan Waters.

It’s going to be a while before Nebraska football fans learn just how accurate this list might be.