Nebraska football could soon have in-conference competition for Lance Leipold

Lance Leipold surveys his players during Saturday's public practice at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium
Lance Leipold surveys his players during Saturday's public practice at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium /

Nebraska football isn’t the only team that apparently has a bit of interest in current Kansas head coach Lance Leipold. In fact, the Huskers might eventually have to fight off conference foe Wisconsin for his services if a new report can be believed.

Jbook, a contributor to 247Sports, posted on Twitter that he is hearing the Wisconsin Badgers have had enough of Paul Chryst following their latest loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes this weekend. It now appears that there is a growing movement in Madison to go after Leipold, despite the fact that so far, the Big Ten school doesn’t have an opening.

“Wisconsin board wants them to be done with Paul Chryst and make a play for Kansas Lance Leipold who was a GA at Wisconsin,” Jbook wrote on Twitter. “He knows the region from when he coached at Wisconsin-Whitewater.”

Leipold has certainly become a hot commodity in the coaching ranks this year. He’s led the Kansas Jayhawks to a 4-0 start to the season and appears ready to take the team to its first bowl game since 2008.

While it’s only his second year with KU, people started taking notice last year of a team that looked quite a bit more competitive than it had in years, even if continued losing far more than it won.

Having said that, there are a number of different reasons why this particular report should be taken with a grain of salt. The first is while there have been reports that the Nebraska football team is interested in Leipold, there hasn’t been any official connection between the two schools as far as interest. It’s going to be a while before the Huskers name their head coach or even enter the final stages of whatever search they are engaged in.

There’s also the fact that while Wisconsin fans are almost certainly not happy with the blowout loss to Ohio State, Chryst has been quite successful for the Badgers. It feels like 2022 would have to go much, much worse before there would be an opening at that school. For now, it’s just another rumor to file away and keep an eye on for Nebraska football fans.