Nebraska Football: Reactions to Matt Davison’s departure

(Harry How/ALLSPORT)
(Harry How/ALLSPORT) /

Former Nebraska football Matt Davison is now also a former member of the Nebraska Cornhuskers athletic department. It was announced today that the ex-wide receiver is going to be stepping down from his duties as Senior Associate Athletic Director in order to head up n NIL that will be geared towards Husker players.

Matt Davison has long been around the Nebraska football program after ending his playing days. He was the color analyst for several years before joining the athletic department.

That move happened right about the same time that Scott Frost was hired on. The two seemed to be sort of a package deal during that hiring, and that has led to some strong feelings about Davison

Recently, one former Nebraska football player voiced his opinion that it was time to start wondering whether the former receiver should share some of the blame for what went wrong in the Frost regime. Clester Johnson’s tweet went viral not long after he made the comments. Now he and many, many others are reacting to the departure from the athletic department.

It appears that for the most part, Nebraska football nation is pretty torn on how to feel about the former star leaving the Nebraska football program.

Some seem to think he will do some good for Nebraska football. Others believe Matt Davison being tied to the program at all is not a positive.

For now, those around and those who root for the Nebraska football program will have to wait and see what the full fallout is going to be.