Nebraska Football: Keyshawn Johnson knows how to land Urban Meyer


If the Nebraska football program wants to make the splash hire that would be Urban Meyer, then ESPN’s Keyshawn Johnson knows how to go about doing it. Unsurprisingly, the key ingredient in any plan to get the Ohio State coach to take the job in Lincoln is to offer him a bucket load of money.

“If I am Nebraska, I’m gonna call Meyer’s representatives and I’m gonna say ‘Hey man would you come and just meet with us? Just talk to us a little bit?’ And then I’m going to not let him leave Lincoln, Nebraska. Period,” Johnson recently said on the Keyshawn, JWill and Max show. “As much money as I kept giving Scott Frost, I’m gonna give [Meyer] twice as much to come and coach the Cornhuskers.”

Of course, if the Nebraska football program was looking to follow this plan of attack, they already had the opportunity. The failed Jacksonville Jaguars coach was in Lincoln just a few weeks ago for the Huskers home opener.

There were reports that Huskers’ AD Trev Alberts and Meyer talked during his stay in town. However, it’s thought that the discussions were more about who the coach-turned-analyst would suggest Nebraska hire for its next job. There is no indication there was any discussion about contract between the two sides.

There are also reports that Meyer isn’t all that interested in returning to the college ranks, whether that be at Nebraska football or anywhere else. In fact, when he was asked flat out whether he’d take a job like the Huskers, he said he was happy broadcasting games at the moment.

Perhaps most interesting in all the comments about Urban Meyer and the Nebraska football team is how many people from the outside seem to be pushing this union. It wasn’t that long ago that the coach’s former star quarterback, Tim Tebow was also openly rooting for a deal to be reached by the two sides.

As far as Nebraska football goes, that particular marriage seems to be an extreme longshot at best.