Nebraska Football: Lane Kiffin enters the chat with a simple retweet

While the Nebraska football team has been on the lookout for a new head coach, there have been quite a few names that have surfaced. However, the names that have been bandied about have been pretty consistent.

Matt Campbell, Dave Aranda and Lance Leipold have been the most often talked about. Of course, Urban Meyer has also gotten more than a few mentions for the Nebraska football team.

One name that actually makes quite a bit of sense but hasn’t gotten a ton of run yet is Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin. He might have just done the thing that will change that.

Kiffin is known to have himself some fun on social media and on Tuesday afternoon, he got Nebraska football tongues wagging when he retweeted an article that made the argument that he should turn down Auburn and Nebraska.

In the retweet, Kiffin made it clear what the point of the article was saying, “Lane Kiffin and Mark Stoops should rebuff Auburn football or Nebraska.” He didn’t add any other commentary than that.

It didn’t take long for Husker fans especially to notice that at the very least, the Ole Miss coach is watching what was going on in the college football world. it made more than a few people wonder if he might have been hinting at something. Though he didn’t say anything beyond that retweet so its hard to know if he meant anything by it other than it’s sort of fun for him to see his name mentioned as one of the top targets in Nebraska football’s coaching search.

It’s a bit strange that Kiffin hasn’t been bandied about more often, considering his track record.

While he’s been known as a bit of a coaching bad boy over the years, he’s had a ton of success. In fact, in his 11 years as a college football head coach, he’s only posted on losing record, in 2018 with Florida Atlantic.

He does seem like he’s found a school where he can have maximum success since he landed at Ole Miss. While he went just 5-5 in 2020, he went 10-3 last year and is off to a 4-0 start in 2022.

There’s a very real argument that he might be in a better place than where he would be with the Nebraska football team. On the other hand, he does have family ties to Lincoln since father Monte Kiffin was a longtime Husker assistant under Tom Osborne.

Sometimes stuff like this starts to jumpstart the conversation and it feels like Nebraska football should be having a conversation with Lane Kiffin to see if he’d be interested in taking over the program.