Nebraska Football: No, Scott Frost’s firing was not ‘disrespectful’

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Alot has already been written about the Nebraska football program’s final chapter of the Scott Frost era. There has been quite a bit of worry about what the program does next.

There’s been talk already about who will be the next Husker coach. And there has been plenty of talk about what’s going to happen with Scott Frost now that he’s entering his post-Cornhusker career.

And of course there have been people that have talked about how the university has handled all of this. There’s been some confusion over giving up an extra $7 million just to be rid of him right now. Had AD Trev Alberts waited until October 1, the Athletic Department could have saved quite a big of cash.

But in the end it appears Alberts felt it would be better for the Nebraska football program to be rid of Frost now instead of later. And while people are free to disagree with that assessment, one college football writer in particular took an angle that just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

When Nebraska announced it had parted ways with its head coach on Sunday morning, John Buhler decided to claim that the way the Huskers handled things was somehow the “most disrespectful way possible.” It’s not clear what Buhler thought was disrespectful.

Nebraska football coach firing was not disrespectful

It seems that perhaps Buhler felt that announcing the move through an official release was somehow disrespectful. It’s possible he felt making the announcement just as NFL games were kicking off was the bad move.

Though it should be pointed out that had the Huskers called a press conference on Sunday morning, Nebraska media would have absolutely known what the PC was about. The first Sunday of the NFL just happened to be the first day following the Cornhuskers’ loss to Georgia Southern. The loss that was the final straw in the Frost era of failure.

While there are arguments to be made about the timing of the firing of Scott Frost, there’s absolutely no reason to think the way the university handled a rather massive change to the Nebraska football program was in any way “disrespectful.”