Nebraska Basketball: Target date set for next chance at game action

A target date is set for the next Nebraska basketball game.

For those looking for the Nebraska basketball program to return, it appears that they may return soon. However, they will not return this month. On Friday, it was announced that the Huskers game against Penn State on January 30 is set to be postponed.

It has been quite a while since the Nebraska basketball program took part in a game. The last game they played in was against Indiana on January 10. In what was a 84-76 loss, there were positives  to take away from that game.

As I recall, Nebraska basketball actually kept the game close for quite a little bit. However, they were not able to finish the job in the end.

I was looking forward to seeing the Nebraska basketball program be able to build on it. Now, they will have a chance.. However in what I’ve been a crazy college athletics season all around, any games are good at this point. I’m just happy that Nebraska basketball has been able to reach a point to where they can play safely.

Nebraska basketball’s next game is set to be February 3 against Michigan State. I’ll be interested to see for one, if that game is played. Secondly, I’ll be interested to see how Nebraska basketball looks after almost a month of not playing.

Maybe they needed this rest from a basketball standpoint. Obviously they have had to deal with more important things over the past couple of weeks.

In what has been a wild year overall, this team will have to wait a little bit longer before they can play. Hopefully, they have been doing things that have allowed them to be able to stay loose and fresh. It must be extremely difficult to have to pause a season in the middle of it. With that in mind, you can bet that these players will be ready to play.