Nebraska Football: OL Branson Yager is ready to help wherever, whenever

The newest Nebraska football lineman is ready to learn.

As the 2021 Nebraska football recruiting class gets ready to make an impact for this program, one lineman in particular that I’m excited to see play is Branson Yager

Yager is certainly quite the physical specimen, as he measures in at six-foot-seven, 332 pounds. He certainly has the size to be an effective lineman, and I can’t wait to see what he will be able to do in Lincoln.

Right now, the reports out of Lincoln indicated that he is a player that is willing to learn. Suffering a fractured fibula at the end of his high school career, he of course is not ready to take part in workouts yet. Right now, it seems like he is just willing to learn.

This is music to my ears because he has the body type to where he could play several positions on the line. Nebraska football needs that versatility, especially with the youth movement that is going to be present.

I will admit, when Nebraska got him to commit, I was absolutely thrilled. Right away, I figured that his size would be an asset. Especially as the pass-rushers of the Big Ten get more physical and stronger each year, players like Yager are going to be needed. Once he undergoes a little bit more development as a player, he is going to definitely be someone that Nebraska will have to feature as a focal point of the line just in terms of size alone.

Right now, he is just taking everything in and it seems like he will be ready to contribute in whatever capacity the program needs him for.

“I’m just trying to learn every single position on the line. I want to be that guy where I’m good at every single spot. That’s what I’ve always done. I’ve always been, well, if we need an extra guard, I’ll jump in, or if we need an extra tackle. I’ve played defensive line as well and I was our long snapper.”

I’ll be interested to see what position he ends up playing for Nebraska football. His versatility will be welcome, and his willingness to learn is also extremely welcome. Those two things should make for a bright future for Nebraska and Yager.

I’m excited to see him play on the line, and hopefully the versatility will be able to be used over the course of what should be an exciting 2021 season.