Nebraska Football: Thomas Fidone torches opponent in Friday win

Nebraska Football has a special tight end on their hands

Nebraska football commit Thomas Fidone  continues to shine. Friday, he put on a show as Lewis Central moves so 5-0 on the season

With Lewis Central winning by a 42-14 margin, Fidone was a huge part of that. He was a game-changer catching six passes for 115 yards and a touchdown. There was one particular play where he took what would’ve been a short screen pass play into a 50-yard gain.

He is truly an impact playmaker for Lewis, and he has been there go-to-guy this season. Really, it just seems like a matter of time for him. He is simply playing out his high school schedule with Lincoln in sight. It’s great to see him play at a high level, and it makes me wonder what he will be able to do for Nebraska football.

You hear all the time about prospects who never end up living up to the hype once they are showered with accolades. Fidone is certainly not that player. He is not only walking the walk, he is talking the talk. This is something that should help him moving forward. The way he is playing right now, it kind of feels like a dream that he is committed to Nebraska.

I can’t wait until he puts pen to paper and signs to the program, as I truly believe he will be a game-changer at Nebraska. He will give them production at the tight end position that they have not had in quite some time. When I watch his film, he has incredible strength. With the way he takes long strides, it’s almost like he runs like a receiver. He has that type of speed and agility.

I’ll be interested to see how he does the rest of the way. So far,  he is not disappointing. If anything, he is living up to expectations placed on him. They are certainly lofty, I am confident that he will be able to live up to them. He has the raw talent and size that you cannot teach.

Next up on the schedule is Denison-Schleswig next Friday. He will certainly be a player to watch in that one  as he looks to continue his torrid pace.