Nebraska Football: Ben Stille has important to-do list in final act

The 2020 season is important for the Nebraska football senior

When take a look at the Nebraska football defensive line, Ben Stille is a name that perhaps flies under the radar a bit. A veteran in what is a position full of youth, Stille looks to have a great season in his final chapter with the Nebraska football program.

He doesn’t have  numbers that will necessarily pop from the page, but he does have numbers that show he can be an effective player. In his Nebraska career, he has recorded 23 tackles for a loss and 11.5 sacks. Last year, he had eight tackles for a loss and three sacks. Now, he looks to put it all together in his senior season.

Brian Christopherson of 247Sports wants him to increase the number of sacks he gets. He certainly has the potential to do so. He is a player that is physical, and has a certain amount of speed. He is going to be a veteran that helps build the bridge to the young players and helps them take the next step.

Do I want him to increase the amount of sacks he gets? Of course I do. The Nebraska football team as a whole should definitely try to get more sacks this year. However, I look at his value to the team as being more of a leader. There are tons of young talented players waiting in the wings for his position. He needs to be able to help them take the next step so that they too can be successful.

With that in mind, getting more sacks should still be a goal of his. As Christopherson notes, he certainly has the potential to do so.

Maybe he gets a little more attention this season while opponents see what else the Huskers have to offer with their defensive front. Either way, he needs to be one of the leaders in helping push Nebraska’s sack totals up. A year ago, the Huskers had 2.25 a game, which ranked 57th. Not bad, but not top tier.

Is this an achievable goal? Absolutely, it is. However, for me it’s not about him getting his sack numbers up. For me, it’s more about him being a leader for this defense. He is a hard-working player, and I’ve predicted that he could be in line for a big season this year.

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It will be interesting to see what he does on a defensive unit that is going to be better. In his final act, Stille should be able to get the job done. That’s just what he does. He steps on the field every Saturday and gets things taken care of. He should be able to be a bigger part of the defense than he was last year.