Nebraska Baseball: Drew Christo shows electrifying fastball at showcase

Nebraska baseball has a special pitcher in Christo.

It’s always fun to see what Nebraska baseball has coming up in terms of talent, isn’t it? Saturday, one Nebraska baseball pitcher was able to show off his skills.

Drew Christo was invited to the 2020 Future Stars Series National Combine, and he did not disappoint. In some of the highlights that I saw, he lived up to his billing as a player that can throw the ball with great velocity.

It is well-known that Christo is a flame throwing pitcher. His best pitch is his fastball, and he uses it often. In a YouTube video that was taken at the Combine, it was on full display. Let me just say, I am excited to see what he can do.

Over the past couple of days, you have heard me talk about the tremendous momentum that Nebraska baseball has had in recruiting. They have really used this offseason to get better. They did that by getting impact pitchers and hitters into the program.

Christo is certainly a player that fits that mold. The class of 2021 is going to be very special for Nebraska baseball, and you certainly see that with Christo.

I love how his fastball is continuing to show a lot of a zip on it. In today’s game of baseball, a pitcher needs a pitch that he feels not only comfortable throwing, but that he knows can get by the haters.

It seems like in today’s game of baseball, a pitcher needs to throw at least 95 miles an hour in order to be successful. Particularly in a bullpen role, that seems to be the theme that has infiltrated baseball over the past couple of seasons.

Christo is still young, and he still has a lot of developing to do, but this is a good sign. He is already establishing a pitch that he can dominate hitters with. Not only that, he is pitching at a high level against some of the most talented prospects in the country.

It’s great that he is beginning to show a dominant pitch right now. As Nebraska baseball has found out over the years, the Big Ten will not do you any favors. They will bring their most talented players on to the diamond every single game. It’s a very unforgiving league, much like it is with football.

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Time will tell how he does once he gets to Lincoln. However, he is certainly building himself a nice little resume here. I will certainly be following his progress closely.

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