Nebraska Football: Newcomer jersey numbers are finally announced

A new era begins for Nebraska football.

Nebraska football newcomers got their jersey numbers on Saturday as football season begins to get closer.

No matter what, I am always excited when newcomers get jersey numbers. To me, this is the day when they are officially in the program, and ready to contribute, if not now then later. With many big names coming in this season, we may see these jersey numbers quite frequently.

Some highlights of the newcomers getting their numbers were Marvin Scott and Blaise Gunnerson both getting number 24 as well as Sevion Morrison getting number 28.

Marcus Fleming got number nine while Logan Smothers was given number eight.

It’s so exciting to see them get their jersey numbers. I have been covering these guys for the past couple of seasons as recruits, and now they get to be valued members of the Nebraska football program. I have high hopes for this group of newcomers in particular. They are playmakers that can help the team right away.

This is one of the first groups in particular that  Scott Frost has really put his stamp on. Last year, there was a mix of players left over from the Riley era.

This year, more Frost players are coming into the program. Hopefully this means that they will buy in, and help contribute to success down the road. As for now, they look to simply get their feet wet.

With this group of newcomers coming in as well as future recruiting classes, I feel very good about the future of Nebraska football. It takes time to build a program, and I see the pieces beginning to form and come together.

Of course, this all sounds good. However, results on the field will tell the tale. With the Big Ten conference getting tougher every season, this probably won’t be an easy road in the future.

However, Nebraska football is finally going to get some bona fide horses in to help pull the load. They are now going to have athletes that can compete at a high level.