Nebraska Baseball: Will Bolt’s recruiting efforts paying off

Nebraska baseball has a bunch of talented local kids

There is no doubt that Will Bolt is trying to turn around the Nebraska baseball program. An announcement on Wednesday is proof of that.

Three Nebraska baseball commits were selected to compete in the Area Code Games. For those unfamiliar, this is a gathering of some of the best high school baseball players in the country.

Two of the Nebraska baseball representatives come from the 2021 class. This just proves how loaded the class itself is. Pitchers Drew Christo and CJ Hood are the ones with that distinction, while a member of the 2023 class is going to be there as well. Travis Sykora will also be invited to the game as well. This just shows that Nebraska has plenty of talent in the pipeline.

In particular, I am excited for Hood and Christo. They are both talented pitchers with lively arms. That’s what you need in today’s collegiate baseball game. Will Bolt has made it clear that he wants flamethrowers in his program, and these two certainly fit the bill.

Hood in particular has been working on increasing the velocity of his fastball.

In any event, Nebraska baseball having three representatives for this event shows that they are doing the right things in recruiting. As long as Will Bolt and the coaching staff can continue to develop these three in particular, Nebraska should be set for the future. Pitching has been a strong point the last couple of years for Nebraska. It doesn’t appear like that trend will end anytime soon.

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It will be interesting to see how all of these players develop. Many of them have high potential. The fact that Hood and Christo are from Nebraska makes it even better. This state has a ton of baseball talent. If Bolt and his staff can build a proverbial fence around Nebraska, that would certainly be great for recruiting. It appears that they are somewhat on their way to doing so already.