Nebraska basketball: Miles said he had multiple Power 5 offers to leave

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One has to wonder if Michigan comes looking for the Nebraska basketball head coach if he would still say no.

While there are plenty of Nebraska basketball fans who have some questions about Tim Miles, it appears that Tim Miles doesn’t have any questions about being at Nebraska.

The Cornhuskers’ basketball coach recently gave an interview where he detailed how he’s turned down several job offers in order to stay in Lincoln.

“I had opportunities to leave my first three years, and chose not to.” Miles told KWSN, Sioux Falls Sports Radio. In fact, his comments made it sound as though he’s a bit mad that people don’t think he could have had chances to leave.

"“Other Power Five schools (offered him). Big deal, right? When you look at this, every year you’re the head coach, whether it’d be media or chatter on social media or chat rooms, you’re going to lose the benefit of the doubt. There is a certain amount of people that are going to think of you for what you’re not, and for what the next guy could be, and not who you are and what you’re trying to build.”"

Miles added. The Cornhuskers’ head coach making the claim that Power 5 schools have come calling should give Huskers’ fans pause.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Basketball
Nebraska Cornhuskers Basketball /

Nebraska Cornhuskers Basketball

That’s especially the case now that the Michigan Wolverines might be losing their head coach. John Beilein is interviewing for the Detroit Pistons’ head job.

He might not get the job, he might not accept it if he was. If the Wolverines do lose their head man, there are worse options than a coach that just won 22 games a year ago and is poised to have a preseason Top 25 team this year.

There have been times when it seemed like Miles was halfway out the door. After the 2016 season, when the program bottomed out, there were many who wanted him fired.

After a 22 win season, it appears perhaps the only thing then AD Shawn Eichhorst did right was not bowing to the pressure from the fans. New AD Bill Moos extended Miles’ contract only one year after winning those 22 games.

Will that contract, which moves him to three years instead of the usual four or five, be the one that pushes Miles out the door? You can’t blame Moos for not going all in on a coach who is 97-97 overall and has a losing record in the Big Ten.

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You also can’t blame the Nebraska basketball coach if he feels as if he might get a bit more love from another school. While the Huskers have recently gotten nothing but good news, especially regarding James Palmer and Isaac Copeland, it’s possible all the chips haven’t fallen yet.