Nebraska football: Josh Kalu shows love to Husker fanbase

LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMBER 03: Cornerback Joshua Kalu
LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMBER 03: Cornerback Joshua Kalu /

The Nebraska football team has had a hard season. Josh Kalu wanted to make sure Husker fans know they’re appreciated.

The Nebraska football team lost another game on Saturday. They lost the game in rather embarrassing fashion yet again. Josh Kalu wanted to make sure that even while the team struggles, there are players who appreciate the support from a rather rabid fan base.

It’s been a hard season for the players and a hard season for the coaches. It’s also been a plenty hard season for a fanbase that desperately wants to see a winning program.

At times this year, anger and disappointment have spilled over among the fans. Earlier this season, Chris Jones was the target of some rather inappropriate attacks on social media. Because Jones is an upstanding individual he handled the attacks with grace and patience.

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Kalu took that grace and patience to a new level immediately following the Cornhuskers’ loss to Penn State. First, there was Kalu talking to fans who had made the trip to State College to watch a team that entered the game more than 20 point underdogs.

Land of 10 writer Erin Sorensen caught the exchange between Kalu and the fans. She says that as he walked off the field, he thanked the fans for coming. Those fans returned the nicety thanking him for playing for the Huskers.

A few hours later, Kalu took to his Twitter account to thank the Cornhusker fan base as a whole. “Husker fans are the best support. I couldn’t dream of better! I appreciate you guys coming out to cheer us on.” The defensive back wrote.

It’s been a hard season for everyone around the Nebraska football program. When this has happened under a previous coach, that coach decided to take a “team against everyone else” approach. That approach is one of the reasons he was eventually fired. It appears Josh Kalu wants to make sure this time, the approach is “Nebraska against everyone else.”