Nebraska football vs Northwestern: 3 keys to victory for the Huskers

LINCOLN, NE - OCTOBER 24: Running back Solomon Vault
LINCOLN, NE - OCTOBER 24: Running back Solomon Vault /
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Nebraska football's
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Nebraska football team needs to give up on the ground game

Yes, there are few fans as dedicated to the “good old days” the way Nebraska football fans are. It makes sense. It’s been decades since the Huskers were among the cream of the crop.

When they were the cream of the crop, it was thanks to running the ball. That’s why every game of the Mike Riley era has been full of “run the damn ball” guys. While the Cornhuskers appear to be a team that is more efficient through the air, they know the fanbase expects a top-notch running game.

It’s time to stop trying to make everybody happy and just start winning football games. Tanner Lee is a different quarterback than he was early in the season. Leading his team in a fourth-quarter comeback proves that.

With Tre Bryant out for the season and Jaylin Bradley hurt for the game against Northwestern at least, the Cornhuskers weak running game is even weaker. The team should embrace that. Throw the ball. Throw it early, throw it often.

Not only is Tanner Lee second in the conference in passing efficiency only to JT Barrett but Northwestern is bad at defending the pass. How bad are the Wildcats? Only Maryland is worse at defending the pass. No other team is within 40 yards per game of passing yards allowed. yes, even the Nebraska football team is better against a passing attack.