Former Nebraska football star calls out defensive backs coach

COLUMBUS, OH - NOVEMBER 5: Dontre Wilson
COLUMBUS, OH - NOVEMBER 5: Dontre Wilson /

As if things couldn’t get worse for the Nebraska football team

Former Nebraska football star Jason Peter has never been one to keep his opinion to himself. Since his playing days are long over it appears he’s looking to make a career out of “calling it like he sees it” about the current crop of Huskers.

Speaking at the Omaha World Herald’s Big Red Today Breakfast, Peter made no bones about the fact he’s unhappy with the state of the program. That really doesn’t make him much different than the rest of Cornhusker fans in the state.

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It also doesn’t make the former defensive lineman much different from most former players. What does set Peter apart is that he was willing to rip into the current team in a rather vicious way on Thursday.

After lamenting that he feels as though Mike Riley and company are blaming everyone but themselves, he took special aim at defensive backs coach Donte Williams. While he didn’t mention Williams by name, he didn’t leave it a mystery about who he was talking about when he called him out.

Peter started his rant by saying coaches shouldn’t worry about what socks they have pulled up, or how many wristbands they have on. He went on to say “it’s no coincidence our secondary, under a new coach plays like s— this year and that’s the guy who is always worried about how he f— looks going out on the football field.”

Peter added that “the guy” should just “coach football!” The former Huskers defensive star went on to insinuate that Mike Riley and company are too nice to the current squad. He told a story about how Tom Osborne and former defensive coordinator Charlie McBride were very nice when they were recruiting a prospect.

When that prospect had signed on the dotted line and arrived on campus as a freshman, “it was a dark day.” Williams wasn’t the only coach that got Peter’s wrath.

He made sure to make it clear he didn’t like Riley and Bob Diaco staying positive after a game. In general, Peter appeared to be angry that the coaching staff wasn’t angrier about how the season has gone.

That sentiment is a popular one this fall. Husker fans all over the country have voiced their frustration with the laid-back attitude of Riley. For Peter, it appears to be a lack of accountability. That’s especially true when it comes to the blackshirts. The man who wore a blackshirt himself in practice believes at least some should have been taken away from players over the course of this season thanks to poor production.

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Jason Peter didn’t say anything that plenty of Nebraska football fans haven’t been thinking. The difference is he took aim at a coach that has largely escaped criticism on a large scale. That might be changing fairly soon.