Wisconsin plunge keeps Nebraska basketball talking double bye

The Nebraska basketball team broke the Badgers in a big way and that's allowed them to stay in the top four despite the OSU loss.
Wisconsin v Illinois
Wisconsin v Illinois / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

As frustrating as the Ohio State loss was for the Nebraska basketball team, it appears that there was actually very little damage done. Thanks to Saturday losses by Wisconsin, Northwestern and Michigan State, the Huskers find themselves basically where they were before Thursday's game.

That makes the Cornhuskers game against Rutgers on Sunday evening all the more important. This weekend, no one taking control of the third and fourth spots in the Big Ten means that Nebraska can do so, with a home win against the Scarlet Knights and then a road win against Michigan.

While everything went right for NU on Saturday, it's really been the insane plunge that Wisconsin has taken towards the end of the year that has the Nebraska basketball team still talking about a double-bye in the Big Ten Tournament.

The Badgers' 91-83 loss to #13 Illinois isn't exactly shocking. The Illini are a very good program. It's more just how far Wiscy has fallen since spending the early part of the season looking like one of the best programs in the sport.

The Badgers 80-72 loss to Nebraska basketball started a four-game losing strek that they've still not recovered from. While they've won a game here and there, Wisconsin is just 2-7 in their last 9.

Nebraska basketball could take advantage of Wisconsin slide on Sunday

At the moment, the Huskers are in a technical tie with Wisconsin for fourth place in the Big Ten. They hold the tiebreaker though thanks to being 1-0 against Purdue compared to Wiscy's 0-1.

A win over Rutgers, at PBA, where the Cornhuskers have been near unbeatable this year would put them a half game up on the Badgers, and just a half game behind Northwestern for the third seed in the Big Ten.

Just another reason for the Nebraska basketball team to take care of business this evening.