Old Big 12 rival takes two Nebraska offensive lineman from Huskers' back yard

It's not very often that Nebraska football sees a team like Texas Tech come into the state and grab two players. Let alone on the same day.
Annie Rice/Avalanche-Journal / USA TODAY

It’s not very often that any Power 4 team comes into Nebraska football’s own back yard and grabs not one, but two players. It’s almost entirely unheard of for that school to grab them on the same day, within minutes of each other. And it’s sure seems like it’s almost certainly the first time it’s ever happened that a former Big 12 rival like Texas Tech pulled that trick off.

However, earlier this week, the Red Raiders did just that. On Friday afternoon, the old Big 12 rival came into the state and grabbed offensive lineman Ren Brown out of Stanton and offensive lineman Garin Maley from Papillion-Lavista. And one has to wonder if both didn’t get snatched up in part because Huskers’ head coach Matt Rhule tipped off an old friend they were there for the taking.

Normally, it would be an enormous red flag that Texas Tech was able to do what they did on Friday. However, at best, Ren Brown especially might be a Teddy Rezac situation. Neither player had offers from the Nebraska football team. Brown did have several Power Conference offers. Maley’s only other FBS offer came from Oregon State.

Pair of Nebraska prospects snapped up by Huskers’ old Big 12 rival

It’s not a massive stretch to think that if Rhule was convinced that neither lineman was going to earn a scholarship offer, that he might reach out to Joey Maguire over in Lubbock and suggest he come get them.

The two coaches have long been friends. Rhule even hired the Texas Tech head coach’s son to be his wide receiver coach in Lincoln. Maybe the Cornhuskers head man thought the Big 12 and Lubbock would be a great fit with both.

Whatever the reason, it’s an interesting turn of events. Especially the timing. Here’s hoping Nebraska football coaches don’t end up regretting it happened.