Top transfer defender hinting at Nebraska football commit?

Purdue's Nic Scourton has suddenly seemingly made friends with quite a few current Nebraska football players. Could it be a sign of an announcement?
Purdue Boilermakers linebacker Nic Scourton (5) and Purdue Boilermakers defensive lineman Mo Omonode
Purdue Boilermakers linebacker Nic Scourton (5) and Purdue Boilermakers defensive lineman Mo Omonode / Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA

The Nebraska football team’s staff has been quite picky when it comes to trying to pluck transfer players from the portal. Their approach appears to be much less of the buckshot approach they tried a year ago, being careful to pursue some of the best out there in order to immediately improve the roster.

One of the best out there on the defensive line is someone the Nebraska football program is quite familiar with. It appears there may be a chance they’re about to land him. That is if you can take who former Purdue pass rusher Nic Scourton is making friends with on social media.

Scourton entered the portal last week and immediately sounded like a perfect target for the Cornhuskers. He’s someone who still has several years left of playing time. He’s also someone who can take a game over when need be.

Scourton is also someone who has suddenly seen a couple of Nebraska football players such as Mario Buford follow him. He is also following guys like Dylan Rogers, Mario’s brother Marques, and Deshon Singleton. All of these follows seem to have happened in the last few days, shortly after Scourton became a free agent.

Nebraska football making inroads with Nic Scourton?

Head coach Matt Rhule has talked a lot about how he wants to build his program in Lincoln and he’s made no bones about not wanting to be someone who goes heavy into the portal all the time.

Instead, he’d like to make sure that he’s bringing in high school talent that can get on the field quickly. Then he’ll supplement with players that started their college careers with other programs.

It’s worth mentioning that Nic Scourton is exactly the kind of player Nebraska football would absolutely welcome to Lincoln should he decide he wants to come.

In 2023, he had 50 total tackles and a whopping 10 sacks. Against the Nebraska Cornhuskers he had his best game of the year, tallying 10 tackles and half a sack. Rhule would almost certainly be over the moon to have his talent on NU’s line.