New Nebraska Football weapon: transfer recruit bolsters wide receiver talent

For Nebraska Football when it rains it pours! Latest addition completes last major area of concern on the team.

Jahmal Banks
Jahmal Banks / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

For anyone concerned with the Nebraska Football wide receiver room under the guidance of Garrett McGuire, all worries appear to be vanishing. The Wake Forest transfer, Jahmal Banks, has announced his commitment to Lincoln following what has so far been a four-year career of 104 receptions and over 1,400 receiving yards.

Banks announced via social media early Thursday morning, with the caption reading "marathon continues". As a seasoned veteran with double-digit starts under his belt, Banks will be adding much-needed veteran leadership to what is mostly a young receiving corps.

When news first broke of the story. Evan Bland of the Omaha World-Herald stated that he had recently talked with Banks on the phone. An emerging story arose that will surprise a few. A reason and factor for Banks coming to join Nebraska Football is because of Dylan Raiola.

While it was to be expected that Raiola would draw the attention of players from around the country, the immediate impact is still surprising for what has already been a largely succesfull recruiting cycle for the Matt Rhule staff.

Speaking with Bland, Banks shared the following about is chance to throw the football around with Raiola, "I haven't seen anybody warm up like him. Maybe Sam Hartman (at Wake), how quickly he gets depth and his arm strength." It defiantly looks like the arm talent and potential of catching passes from Raiola proved to be a difference maker for Banks.

Nebraska Football recruiting so far

There have been other noteworthy additions through the transfer portal for this team. Isiah Neyor will be shoring up the receiver depth coming from Texas with his presence. Also, talented running back Dante Dowdell will be joining the backfield. Additionally, Micah Mazzccua will be a solidifying force on the offensive line.

Whether you want to give more credit to Raiola or Coach Rhule, it is clear that recruiting is an enhanced operation compared to what Nebraska football has been in previous years.