Nebraska Football: Two names should head AD list, according to expert

One Nebraska football expert believes that trhe new leader of the Nebraska football program should be one of two men.
Iowa State University athletic director Jamie Pollard speaks at a news conference on Sept. 24, 2019
Iowa State University athletic director Jamie Pollard speaks at a news conference on Sept. 24, 2019 / Olivia Sun, Des Moines Register via

While the talk around Nebraska football and the Nebraska Cornhuskers, in general, has been about the search for a new president, the program will need a new Athletic Director sooner rather than later. One man who has covered the Huskers almost longer than anyone around believes he knows who the school should hire.

Tom Shatel put out an article on Sunday with his top two candidates for the job. Both of the names are ones that Nebraska football fans have likely heard about. Both men are names that should get you excited.

Does that mean both names are likely going to be left off the final official list? It's hard not to be a bit pessimistic after seeing the list of candidates for the school's new president.

Nebraska football should look at Jamie Pollard for AD

Shatel's first name is one I happen to agree with. Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard should be one of, if not the top target whenever the search turns to replacing Trev Alberts officially.

"Despite the drama on the NU President’s hire and Trev Alberts’ exit, the Nebraska A.D. job is very attractive. As the Big Ten and SEC begin their takeover of college football, any job in those leagues is a plum," Shatel wrote.

"Any A.D. wants to be where the most money, power and playoff bids are available. That’s the Big Ten. Because of the Big Ten-SEC timing, along with the NIL-Portal landscape and where Matt Rhule’s program is, NU needs someone with experience."

The other name at the top of Shatel's list is a former Nebraska football player who is seen as a real up and comer in Garth Glissman.

"He’s the current Men’s Basketball Associate Commissioner for the SEC. Before that, Glissman was Vice President of Basketball Operations for the NBA," Shatel pointed out. "Being a former Husker is not a prerequisite (look at how the last two former Huskers worked out). It’s a bonus. But Glissman, a former attorney with Omaha’s Kutak Rock, has a lot of contacts still in Omaha. He’s popular with several big donors."

It's clear that the Nebraska football and Nebraska Cornhuskers' program in general has the money to spend to get a top candidate. They're going to be getting a ton of that "invested money" back since Trev Alberts quit.

Shatel is right in thinking they need to go after the best they can get.