Nebraska football: Top 3 offensive performers of the 2023 season

As we officially turn the page to 2024, it's time to look back at the three players who were the best overall offensive performers.
Minnesota v Nebraska
Minnesota v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

The 2023 Nebraska football season is officially over. We're turning the page to 2024 both in college football and around the world. And that means it's time to really look back at just how the Huskers performed.

First up is a look at the best overrall offensive performances. It's worth noting that when watching the team struggle to move the ball, or score, their overall performance grades were as unimpressive as you might expect.

The Nebraska football team finished 117th in total offense. There were times when the Huskers looked even worse than that. There will be plenty of time to look at what went wrong. But for today, let's take a look at the guys who actually did a decent job.

We'll use stats as well as grades from Pro Football Focus in order to determine the best 2023 performances overall. The one caveat here is that as far as the grades go, the player must have at least 250 snaps to qualify for this list.

Nebraska football led by Bryce Benhart

There was a lot of talk in the second half of the season about how much Bryce Benhart had improved from 2022. That showed up the most in his final PFF grade which saw him with the highest qualifying rating of any Husker with a 70.3 score.

I's clear that Benhart's improvement wasn't jut about passing the eye test. That 70.3 was a career best by a wide margin. The second highest was his 2022 rating of 60.6 overall.

Teddy Prochazka

Yet another offensive lineman scoring among the highest overall offensive grades. Teddy earned a 66.9 rating from PFF in 2023. That's quite a jump from his 49.5 a year ago. It's especially gratifying to see his improvement as Prochazka still missed parts of the Nebraska football season with injury. However he came back towards the end of the campaign and played well.

Emmett Johnson

Emmett Johnson was trust into a starting running back role thanks to injuries to both Gabe Ervin and Rahmir Johnson. He finished his freshman season with 411 yards and two touchdowns. He averaged 4.6 YPC and scored a 65.5 overall rating for Nebraska football.