Nebraska football coordinator expected to field HC offers next season

Tony White is believed to be someone who is going to get a ton of head coaching offers after another good defensive showing.

Nebraska v Illinois
Nebraska v Illinois / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Because the focus this offseason for Nebraska football has focused so heavily on what’s going to happen with the offense, it’s easy to forget just how well respected the Huskers’ defensive staff is around the country.

One analyst took to the airwaves this past week to remind people that defensive coordinator Tony White is one of the hottest and underrated names in the country. In fact, Josh Pate said on one of his recent podcast episodes that he believes White will have head coaching offers in the very near future.

“For Tony White,” Pate said in his broadcast. “You give me one more year of a Top-20 graded defense and I think he’s got head coaching offers on his plate. The hiring cycle this coming November and December if Nebraska is legit on defense again this year, I think will include Tony White’s name.”

That little tidbit is a bit of a mixed bag for Nebraska football fans. They just got done spending the late fall and early winter wondering if the first-year Husker defensive coordinator might be out the door.

There were several jobs, including San Diego State that looked like they might be a perfect fit for White. In the end, he stuck around. But the question is always going to be, just how long will he stick around?

Nebraska football has another name on everyone’s lips

Pate wasn’t only complimentary of Tony White in this segment. He also talked glowingly about one of the defensive coordinator’s assistants in “Meatloaf” Terrance Knighton.

Pate said that both White and Knighton, the defensive line coach for the Nebraska football program are both considered by him to be some of the most underrated coaches in the country.

In the end, this is the kind of problem that Husker fans should love to have. The staff in Lincoln is one that is respected enough that other teams might come calling. For now, just enjoy they’re still members of the Nebraska football prorgram.