Nebraska football isn't joining the Super League and neither is anyone else

While the Super League might seem like an interesting idea, there's zero chance Nebraska football or anyone else joins anytime soon.
Iowa v Nebraska
Iowa v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

If you’re one of those Nebraska football fans who is excited about an alternative to the NCAA, I have some bad news for you. The Super League isn’t coming anytime soon. The league that was floated which would include 80 “power” teams and then another 50 lower level teams that would all fight to avoid relegation sounds interesting on its face.

However, neither the Nebraska football team, the rest of the Big Ten, the SEC or any other big conference is going to sign onto this deal in the near future. Which is probably why it was floated. It’s a last ditch effort to get fans excited about it.

You don’t have to take it from me. There are plenty of analysts out there who don’t believe the Super League is going to be a thing. At least not for several years. The biggest indicator of that is despite it making news this past week, it’s not a new idea. However, as Ross Dellenger pointed out, the Big Ten and the SEC and all the other conferences and Notre Dame wouldn’t have signed the newest CFP agreement if the Super League was really on the horizon.

Stewart Mandel, who wrote the original article about the super league, agrees.

“As we reported, the group has gained  no traction so far w/ the SEC and B1G. Their argument is: You guys won’t have a choice once the bills come due for lawsuit settlements and revenue sharing. The SEC/B1G will invariably come up with their own plan.”

Nebraska football isn’t joining the Super League anytime soon

This isn’t just a read on the way the wind is blowing by Mandel and Dellenger either. On3’s Pete Nakos talked to one SEC coach who is actually on board with the idea. However, that same coach remarked that his AD told him it was “dead.”

As most of the people dialed into the situation have said, with the Big Ten and the SEC on board, the Super League can’t happen. So for now, Nebraska football fans will have to make do with expanded playoffs and the ever-present threat of more conference expansion. 

For a little while longer at least.