Nebraska football rival taking heat for reported OC hire

The Ohio State Buckeyes are reportedly poised to hire Bill O'Brien and social media does not exactly consider this to be a good move.
Jul 26, 2023; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach
Jul 26, 2023; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

It turns that the Nebraska football team isn’t the only Big Ten school that is hiring an offensive coordinator. No, I’m not talking about Iowa, who for some reason has gone weeks and weeks and weeks without naming a replacement for Brian Ferentz.

Ohio State is set to hire a new offensive coordinator to take over the play-calling duties for Ryan Day. It appears that Buckeyes fans grew quite tired of Day’s decisions in big games, especially. Many felt as though he was a bit too timid for their liking.

Nebraska football fans certainly know those complaints. Scott Frost’s timidity in certain situations was well documented. Other times he was just a bad playcaller, but he definitely had a knack for getting too conservative in big moments.

However, now that the cat is seemingly out of the bag on who Ohio State is going to hire, it doesn’t appear that much of the college football world understands why Bill O’Brien would be the guy.

Certainly, O’Brien is someone who has had success at the college football level. Nebraska football fans got a look at his first season as the head coach of Penn State after Joe Paterno departed, up close and personal. There were even some rumors that O’Brien was on the shortlist for the Huskers before they hired Matt Rhule.

Nebraska football rival hiring unpop

However, there are also plenty of knocks against the former Houston Texans' head coach and general manager. This past season, Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe famously claimed that when O’Brien was working as OC under Nick Saban, he told Milroe a position change might be best.

That’s why when the report of O’Brien being the new Ohio State offensive coordinator started circulating, social media went a little nuts.

This past season, Bill O'Brien was the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots. His offense ranked 29th in the league overall.

It makes sense why Nebraska football fans might find this hire more than a little humorous.