Nebraska football set to make some loud noises with projected win totals

Optimism surges for Nebraska football in 2024 season as analysts project bowl contention with win total projections.
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There is arguably more excitement around the upcoming season than there even was for Scott Frost's first season in Lincoln. After a long cold winter without a bowl game, Nebraska football fans finally think they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For now, the consensus among sports analysts is the beacon of hope for the Huskers' performance in 2024. The positive news is that a significant number of analysts are in agreement about the Cornhuskers' potential for the next season.

The latest projections from Brett McMurphy of the Action Sports Network paint a promising picture for Nebraska football. The team is not only projected to make a bowl game, but to do so with relative ease. McMurphy's projections set the Huskers' win totals at over/under 7.5 for the upcoming season.

That, of course, means NU could go under the projected total and still make a bowl. It also means that at least a few analysts believe Matt Rhule, Dylan Raiola, and the company are getting set for a very, very good season.

Nebraska football set to make some noise with win totals

Those wins are already good, but as McMurphy laid it out, the Huskers are tied for fifth in the Big Ten. The only four teams ahead of them are Ohio State and Oregon (10.5 each), and Michigan and Penn State (9.5 each).

Nebraska is tied with Iowa, USC, and Washington in that next tier. Just below the Huskers group is Maryland, with a projected win total of 7. Rutgers and Wisconsin are at text level with 6.5 and then there's a logjam with Illinois, Indiana, Northwestern, and UCLA tied with 5.5 wins.

At the bottom of the Big Ten in the win totals projections are Purdue (whom Nebraska squares off against in Week 5) and Michigan State, which is tied with 4.5 wins despite the buzz created by new head coach Jonathan Smith.