Nebraska football once again in danger of losing Tony White

The Nebraska football team finds itself once again wondering if they might lose defensive coordinator Tony White to another school.
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Just when the Nebraska football team thought they were done worrying about losing Tony White, a new job opening could be the perfect fit for the defensive coordinator. How interested he might be and how interested UCLA might be in him isn’t known yet. But it’s a job that Husker fans should probably be concerned about.

The Bruins are looking for a new head coach after Chip Kelly decided to take a demotion.And Tony White has been mentioned for the opening by more than one reporter. It appears he is at least one of the top candidates for the job, even if Minnesota head coach PJ Fleck is considered the one UCLA is going after the hardest.

However, if UCLA decides they don’t want to open the vault to hire Fleck - it seems likely it would take a pretty penny to pry him from Minnesota - White would be a heck of a fall back. It’s also possible that Fleck might just decide he doesn’t want to start an other rebuild.

Either way, it would seem as though Tony White would be someone the Bruins could turn to. And it makes some sense that he might listen if they come calling. He might listen chiefly because it would mean that he’d be the head coach at his alma mater.

Certainly, coaches carrying their former schools to new glory is something that interests a lot of guys in this profession. Even if he was offered another job somewhere this winter and he turned it down, he might say yes to UCLA.

Nebraska football once again in danger of losing Tony White

There were a couple of times this winter where White looked like he might leave the Nebraska football program. When San Diego State interviewed him, it appeared he might be very close to departing.

There was also at least some interest from Syracuse before they hired Fran Brown. And now there’s at least talk that UCLA could come calling.

The good news here is that the Bruins are said to be wanting to move quickly. Most think Kelly’s replacement will be in place in 96 hours. Nebraska football fans will apparently not have to wait long to find out if they’ll need another defensive coordinator.