3 Nebraska Football future stars ready to shine in Polynesian Bowl

The incoming Nebraska Football class will be proudly represented in a special event for the top players in the country.
Dylan Raiola
Dylan Raiola / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

Nebraska Football will have a strong presence in the upcoming Polynesian Bowl game for the nation's top high school players. While Dylan Raiola will always feature as a prominent player to follow, Carter Nelson and Preston Taumua will also see the field in this nationally acclaimed game.

The Polynesian Bowl celebrates the indigenous people and cultures of the Polynesian area, which Hawaii is a part of. With family ties to the state, Raiola can uniquely be engaged with the event while showcasing his skills on the football field.

Taumua is an interior offensive line signee for Nebraska Football and is of Samoan descent. As the number one player from the state in which the game is being held, this will prove to be a nice finishing touch for his high school playing career. Especially considering the injury adversity that he has overcome during his senior season.

While the game has Polynesian culture as a focal point, recognizing some of the great football talent from players of all backgrounds is an important piece to this game. Nelson will likewise be able to impress with his tight-end prowess and some of the other top players who will take the field for the first time as college athletes in the fall. There are already some clips showing his potential from a different all-star game.

Nebraska Football signees last action before coming on campus

Many athletes are electing to forego their final high school months and instead will be joining their perspective teams on campus for some off season workouts and conditioning programs. For players like Raiola, the Polynesian Bowl will be the final piece of a long journey and process before getting to work as a college student athlete.

For Raiola in particular, the ability to be something of the face of this event and be close to family and friends will be a preview of the support that he will receive from the entire Nebraska Football franchise for the upcoming season.