Nebraska football - UTEP feud erupts over transfer portal comments

As the season looms, unexpected rivalries ignite online. Nebraska football fans clash with UTEP supporters over a lone transfer portal entry.

How can you tell that the season is getting ever closer? Feuds are starting to break out between fanbases that generally never have anything to say to each other. Such is certainly the case with Nebraska football fans who found themselves fighting on social media over a post by a UTEP Miners fan account. UTEP, if you're not aware, is the Huskers first opponent of the 2024 season.

Nebraska football fans are no strangers to getting into it with out groups on social media. Those groups tend to be fans of teams of a little more substance than the Miners though. Usually it's Iowa fans. Lately, it's been Colorado fans as Deion Sanders has gotten a ton of new unearned attention.

But earlier this week, it was UTEP that drew the ire of Nebraksa football fans. And that's because for some reason, a UTEP social media account decided to try and put the Huskers on blast. Over a single player entering the transfer portal.

It happened when news broke of Chief Borders entering the portal a few days after the Cornhuskers spring game.

Nebraska players starting to enter into the transfer portal. Interesting," an account known as LockedOnUTEPMiners posted. "They first said in Nebraska spring game that there wasn’t any players in transfer portal and know there is."

It took no time at all for Huskers fans to point out what a weird tweet it was. Especially since only one player entered.

"UTEP has 29 in the portal  focus on yourself," one user posted

Another user pointed out a tweet from the same account posted just 17 hours before where they were lamenting the loss of UTEP players writing, "bro literally sounds exhausted from losing players though."

The post got plenty of retweets as well.

Some Nebraska football fans started wondering if real hatred would start to come from a burgeoning online feud.

Most just seemed confused that the feud was starting up at all.

And still more pointed out that when the two teams finally meet, Nebraska football will almost certainly post a blowout.