Nebraska Football expectations rise after program altering decision

It all appeared to be straightforward. Bring in Kyle McCord, a proven capable starter in the Big Ten, and pair him with a defense that is looking to be a top national contender. Then, things changed

Dylan Raiola off-season prep, Nebraska Football
Dylan Raiola off-season prep, Nebraska Football / Aubrey Lao/GettyImages

Kyle McCord found success at Ohio State, and was believed to be joining Nebraska Football for the upcoming season. However, as other developments unfolded, it became clear that the player that this staff had put so much effort into recruiting had become available. From there, head coach Matt Rhule had a choice to make, go with a successful veteran, or hand the reins off to a promising true freshman talent.

Nebraska Football sticking to consistent message

Coach Rhule has made his stance known in regards to his recruiting priorities. For him it is more important to bring in players as freshmen, and develop thier skillset through college. However, he has also stated that if the opportunity is right, and a player is available at a position of need, that the transfer portal would always be used as a possibility to strengthen the roster.

Considering the multitude of struggles that occurred during his first year at the quarterback position, it would have been a decision that would have received little criticism had a veteran been brought in this year. But instead, Dylan Raiola will now have the hopes of the state of Nebraska resting on his shoulders.

Nebraska Football With Dylan Raiola

In many ways his addition seems to fit with the Nebraska Football program. Most importantly, he is a high school recruit that chose to come here, as one of the highest rated players in the country. While a game manager (not saying that McCord is a game manager) is really all that would have been needed to go to a bowl game this year, Raiola offers even greater potential from the quarterback position.

Watching Raiola play in high school, he already makes throws that few can. The reason he is rated so highly on recruiting sites is because of the big arm that he can display, throwing deep, down field throws with ease. Also, his baseball background will show up as needed, making unconventional throwing motions to make plays, that others don't see and wouldn't be able to make even if they did.

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With a capable starting quarterback Nebraska Football is bound for a bowl game. With Raiola, the sights can be set on the college football playoffs, maybe sooner than some are expecting.