Nebraska football coaches pushing players 'harder than ever'

Nebraska football defensive lineman Cameron Lenhardt was up front and honest about how hard his coaches are pushing players, and he's on board with it.

Cameron Lenhardt lines up for Nebraska football
Cameron Lenhardt lines up for Nebraska football / David Berding/GettyImages

One of the most consistent themes coming out of Nebraska football’s spring practices this year is that it’s a new era for Matt Rhule’s Huskers. Last year, there was a getting-to-know-you period. There was a period when the coaches had to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of everyone on the roster. And because of that, the coaches didn’t always push the players as hard as they might have wanted.

That’s not the case in the spring of 2024. As defensive lineman Cameron Lenhardt said on Tuesday, things have ramped up.

"From the coaches' point of view, they're pushing us harder than ever – like harder than they were last year," Lenhardt said after practice. "Just constantly, just keep building."

To be clear, Lenhardt is good with that. He seems to relish it. There’s a reason he was one of the players who stepped up to the podium after practice. Despite the fact that he’ll only be a sophomore when the 2024 season kicks off.

Lenhardt was a massive get for the Nebraska football team when he committed out of high school. He grew up playing against elite competition at Don Bosco Prep in New Jersey, then late in his high school career, he moved to Florida and attended IMG Academy.

Lenhardt understands being pushed to be his best. He’s responding to it too, according to his position coach. Terrance Knighton talked about how much he expects the rush end to grow and develop leading up to his second season.

Nebraska football star responding well to being pushed

It’s not just about the coaches asking more from players. It’s also about making sure that guys like Cam Lenhardt feel challenged and want to get better. That they stay driven in practice.

As we move ever closer to the Nebraska football spring game, it’s going to be interesting to see how guys like Lenhardt perform. If they shine like the coaches think, people are going to be salivating for the fall.