Former Nebraska football kicker gets one more NFL shot

Brett Maher is looking to make Nebraska football fans proud with yet another run at the NFL playoffs as a late addition by the Rams.
Los Angeles Rams place kicker Brett Maher (8) boots the football
Los Angeles Rams place kicker Brett Maher (8) boots the football / Alex Gallardo-USA TODAY Sports

New Year, New Brett Maher? The Los Angeles Rams are certainly hoping that the former Nebraska football star can tap into what has allowed him to have a long and storied career in the NFL. Even if that story has taken some ugly turns in the last few years.

For a while, it looked as though Maher's career was finally coming to an end when the Rams cut ties with the former Husker back in October. However, on New Year's Day, Los Angeles resigned Maher and cut the man who had replaced him.

Sunday was the first game of the new Brett Maher era and it didn't exactly go perfectly. However it still seems as though his club is going to ride things out and see where it goes as they head to the playoffs. Hopefully his struggles in the final week of the regular season was due to rust and the fact that the game wasn't one the Rams needed to win.

Against the San Francisco 49ers, Maher didn't get the opportunity to kick a field goal. He did however have two extra point attempts. Unfortunately for everyone, he's had some issues with that in the past few years.

Ex-Nebraska football kicker gets one more NFL chance

Maher missed one of his two extra point attemps. Luckily it wasn't in a game that they needed him to make the kick and the team still ended up winning 21-20. In the playoffs however, things are going to be more high pressure.

It can't have made the Rams all that comfortable to see their new kicker already missing a gimme.

Last year, Bret Maher was a dead-eye when it came to field goals, but at one point, it felt as though he couldn't hit an extra point to save his life. This year he's also struggled in the field goal department, hitting just 73.9 percent of his attempts.

The ex-Nebraska football player is going to have to find a way to find his accuracy again, if he wants to keep his NFL ride going.