Former Nebraska football player and coach receives NFL call

Barrett Ruud is going to be representing the Nebraska football progrmam on the next level as he's heading to the Atlanta Falcons.
Barrett Ruud
Barrett Ruud / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

Nebraska Football continues to grow its presence at all levels of the sport. This time, it will be Barrett Ruud joining the staff of the Atlanta Falcons. The move comes as Raheem Morris was recently hired to take over the Flacons as the new head coach.

Despite how some may view former players entering the coaching ranks, Ruud has earned this opportunity. He has worked his way up the coaching tree and will be eager to prove that he can have a positive impact at the pro level.

Notably, he was a linebacking coach under Scott Frost. He held a role at UCF and then followed the former Nebraska Football quarterback to Nebraska. However, at UCF, Ruud was a quality control administrator. While at Nebraska he then coached up the LBs.

He will be taking over the same responsibility of overseeing the linebacker position in Atlanta, after taking a year off. Not only is a gap year common in the coaching world, but in this case, Morris already knew everything he needed to know about Ruud!

This will double as something of a reunion. During his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Morris held several roles with the Bucs. This is while Ruud played for six seasons in Tampa, overlapping his stay with the now-new head coach of Atlanta.

Nebraska Football local continuing to shine

Fans will fondly remember Ruud as someone who went to Lincoln Southeast. During his four years with Nebraska Football, he made his impact known on the defensive side of the ball. From the same position that he will be coaching, he'll have plenty

He amassed an impressive 432 career tackles. He also has other categories that he made his mark on. But this remains his most impressive one of longevity. And while records are made to be broken, this one looks like it will continue to stand for quite a while for Nebraska Football.