Nebraska Cornhuskers who had the most memorable NFL careers

Here is a list of the most memorable NFL careers by Nebraska football alums including some dominant linemen on both sides of the football.
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No. 5: Roger Craig

Thanks to his role as the starting RB for three San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl-winning teams, Roger Craig is one of the most well-known Cornhuskers to have played in the NFL. In fact, given his ability to be a factor in the passing game, he was ahead of his time as a player.

From 1983 (when he was a second-round pick) to 1990, Craig racked up 7,064 yards and 50 TDs on the ground and 4,442 yards and 16 TDs through the air for San Francisco. He was the 1988 NFL Offensive Player of the Year and a first-team All-Pro.

During that run, he was also a 4-time Pro Bowl selection. He also led the NFL in catches in 1985 with 92.

Ending his career with the Los Angeles Raiders and Minnesota Vikings, he wasn't quite as much of a factor. In fact, during those final three seasons of his career, he had no more than 590 yards on the ground in a season.

Still, Craig's career total of 13,100 total yards and 73 total touchdowns from scrimmage are numbers that stand out among NFL running backs. That makes him one of the best Cornhuskers to ever play at the game's highest level.