Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Nash Hutmacher gets a pin, more

Nebraska Cornhuskers football star Nash Hutmacher decided to become a wrestler for the first time in years and it doesn't appear he lost a step.
Chamberlain's Nash Hutmacher and Brookings' Gus Miller compete in the feature class A match of the
Chamberlain's Nash Hutmacher and Brookings' Gus Miller compete in the feature class A match of the / Erin Bormett / Argus Leader, Sioux Falls

Nash Hutmacher stepped back onto the wrestling mat for the first time in years. It turns out that when you’re as good as the Polar Bear, you don’t forget how to put the moves on an opponent. Of course, Nebraska Cornhuskers fans looked first hand at just how good Hutmacher is at grappling this past football season.

Hutmacher recorded a takedown of Wyoming's Mason Ding and then quickly ended the match with a pin 52 seconds into the first period. It was the first match since 2020 for Hutmacher, who was a four-time undefeated high school state champion in South Dakota.

Hutmacher’s win, which was preceded by a standing ovation from Nebraska Cornhuskers fans, capped a route for head coach Mark Manning’s squad as they beat the Wyoming Cowboys 44-3. They followed that up with a rail-thin victory over Northern Iowa, 18-17.

More Nebraska Cornhuskers news

  • This week in Nebraska football history is an interesting one. This is the week that the Huskers went for two and failed against Miami. It's also the week that, 20 years later saw Bill Callahan hired as the Huskers head coach. He was named to the job 41 days after Frank Solich was fired, ending a coaching line of succession that had gone on for half a century.
  • It was a bad weekend for the Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball program. One day after the Huskers got buried by a red-hot Wisconsin Badgers team, Amy Williams' squad also got dismantled by the Indiana Hoosiers on Sunday. The Hoosiers shot 60 percent in 91-69 victory that gave the Huskers their first Big Ten loss of the season.
  • Matt Rhule packed the house on Sunday night when he spoke to a gathering of the AFCA. It's pretty clear that even if the Nebraska Cornhuskers season didn't go as well as everyone hoped, that Rhule is well respected in the profession.