Ex-Nebraska Cornhuskers star in a fight for his life against cancer

Larry Florence spent four years entertaining Nebraska Cornhuskers fans on the basketball court and now he needs help from that same fanbase.

Nebraska Cornhuskers
Nebraska Cornhuskers / Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Even with a frustrating loss to Maryland, the current Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball season is going about as well as anyone could have expected. Things have been especially fun this year thanks to recent game when a ton of former Husker Hoopers were able to return to Lincoln to celebrate their past accomplishments.

Unfortunately, there is one former Nebraska Cornhuskers star who can’t enjoy much of anything these days. Larry Florence, one of the best players to come through the program just as the 21st century began, is busy battling cancer.

On Saturday, friends and family of Florence took to support the former Nebraska basketball star with an online fundraising push through a dedicated GoFundMe page.

“At age 37, Larry’s life changed drastically when he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma” the fundraising page stated. “A cancer that forms in a type of white blood cell called a plasma cell. In addition, doctor’s recently found tumors in his back and mouth, which has caused severe dental issues. Over the past 10 years Larry has only been able to work a short 3 months due to constant hospital stays, at least 10 chemo treatments with radiation therapy, over 200 other experimental treatments, and a host of medication trials.”

The person who put the fundraiser together, Aisha Maston, further explained that his fight for life has left him unable to afford a house, a car, or to care for his daughter the way he liked.

Former Nebraksa Cornhuskers star sees support from fandom

After the fundraiser went live, Nebraska fans, members of the athletic department and former teammates all rushed to Florence’s aid. As of late Sunday night, the former Husker star’s page raised more than $4,000.

It’s a safe bet those donations will continue coming in as more Husker fans learn of Larry Florence’s plight.