Nebraska Cornhuskers Basketball Bracketology: Still walking a tightrope

The Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball team is still considered to be in the Big Dance, but they're still teetering on the bubble.
Penn State v Nebraska
Penn State v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

The Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball team is still on track for the NCAA Tournament. That's the good news. The bad news is that they're still on the knife's edge. One bad step and they might be tumbling down to the NIT.

There was a time when the NIT would have been a fine accomplishment for Fred Hoiberg and company. After all, no matter what happens, this is the first time since Hoiberg arrived in Lincoln that he'll post a winning record. Last year, was the first time to .500.

However, after spending all season talking about the Big Dance, the NIT would be a massive disappointment. One thing is clear when looking at the latest rankings and top Bracketologies. The Huskers control their own destiny. Win and their in. Even lose one and their in.

Go 3-2 in their final five games? They're still probably in, but the Nebraska basketball team would be in a much better spot if they went at least 4-1 to finish the season. If they finish 2-3, they're in trouble.

Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball looks like an 11-seed

When looking at the latest Bracketology predictions, both CBS' Jerry Palm and ESPN's Joe Lunardi have the Huskers getting in. Both experts also have NU as an 11 seed. Where they diverge is how solidly they have Nebraska in.

Palm believes that the Nebrasketball team is going one of the last four in. They'll be facing off against Utah in the First Four matchup of 11 seeds. Lundardi, on the other hand Lunardi believes they are just a bit more solid. They're one of the Last Four Byes.

Interestingly, it Lunardi believes that the Nebraska Cornhuskers are going to face off against a former Big 12 rival in the tournament. As an 11-seed, they're projected to face off against 6-seeded Texas Tech.