Nebraska basketball among army of suitors for Bowling Green guard

  • Nebraska basketball is among a long list of teams offering.
  • Marcus Hill will have his pick of the litter in where he wants to transfer this offseason.
Bowling Green Falcons guard Marcus Hill (0) celebrates after a shot
Bowling Green Falcons guard Marcus Hill (0) celebrates after a shot / Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Nebraska basketball team has five openings on its roster. How exactly it’s going to fill those openings is anyone’s guess. It appears that Fred Hoiberg hopes at least one of those spots will be filled by former Bowling Green guard Marcus Hill.

Of course, in order to land Hill, the Huskers are going to have to fight off a small army of suitors. That makes quite a bit of sense, considering that the ex-MAC star is one of the best-proven scorers in the transfer portal.

Among the openings that the Nebraska basketball team is tasked with filling is Keisei Tominaga. Unlike some other losses the Cornhuskers suffered roster-wise, Tominaga isn’t transferring. He’s simply run out of eligibility.

Nevertheless Hoiberg’s Heroes are going to need some scorers that can step into the void. That’s one reason that they are going after Omaha star transfer Frankie Fidler. It’s a safe bet that the Huskers would be more than willing to team Fidler up with Hill. It’s also possible the Bowling Green star serves as a kind of a backup plan.

After all, Fiddler has a small army after him as well. With Creighton’s season ended on Friday night, head coach Greg McDermott can now pay all of his attention on souping up his roster. The head start Fred Hoiberg got has officially ended.

Nebraska basketball among small army of suitors for Marcus Hill

So who is going to emerge victorious in landing the services of Hill? It’s a long list of potential landing spots according to On3’s Jamie Shaw.

Illinois, Kansas, Alabama, NC State, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Florida, Ole Miss, Georgetown, Colorado, Rhode Island , Wake Forest , UCF, Louisville, UNLV, and Bradley have all inquired.

It’s not surprising so many power teams have gone after the All-Mac team considering he averaged 20.5 points per game this past season while hauling down 5 boards, 2.6 assists and a steal per contest.

Just how much of a player Nebraska basketball is in this race, is still an open question for now.