Jim Harbaugh appears on the verge of leaving the Big Ten

A move that could cause a shift in the Big Ten power structure could be on the way as Jim Harbaugh signals his departure.
 Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh during Rose Bowl media days
Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh during Rose Bowl media days / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Big Ten football might be on the verge of a pretty massive shift in the power structure of the conference. Jim Harbaugh has spent most of the year either under fire for NCAA violations or fending off rumors that he’s headed to the NFL.

This weekend, those rumors fired up once again and it looks like Harbaugh might finally be on the move. According to multiple reports, the Michigan Wolverines’ head coach hired agent Don Yee to represent him.

While the hiring of an agent isn’t a solid sign all on its own, its the fact that Yee tends to do far more business in the NFL than anywhere else that has send real signal flares up about Harbaugh’s intention. 

It also seems to indicate the work that was being done recently in order to keep Harbaugh with the Big Ten powerhouse has fallen through. Michigan has been working with its head ocach on a contract extension over the last several months. 

The contract is said by insiders to be a record 10 year contract worth more than $125 million. There is a reported caveat that should Harbaugh sign the deal, he will have to turn down any and all NFL offers for one year.

Big Ten football could be on the verge of a big shift

The timing of the hiring of Yee by Harbaugh also signals that the Wolverines coach could be on the move rather quickly. Michigan plays Alabama in the first round of the College Football Playoffs on Monday. 

Should they win, they’ll play again in the championship game. However, should they lose, Jim Harbaugh’s season will once again end one game short of a chance at a National Title

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Win or lose, it seems like the Michigan coach has reached the pinnacle of the sport. He might want a new challenge. He also might want to stop getting hounded by the NCAA for repeatedly cheating. And if he goes, the Big Ten will see a big shift. Perhaps one Nebraska football could take advantage of in the next few years.