Iowa fans are raging over supposed Nebraska football QB recruiting wins

Nebraska Football is in talks to get talented QBs, and Iowa fans are upset that players aren't coming to their program.

Iowa v Nebraska
Iowa v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

Nebraska Football is in contention for one of the largest transfer portal and recruiting hauls of the season. For an emerging team that is looking to qualify for bowl games and become Big Ten contenders over the next years, a neighboring fanbase is stuck in a seemingly never ending era of being just above average.

Amidst exciting rumors that are circulating, some Iowa fans seem to be very frustrated, after looking in the mirror.

Nebraska Football receiving jelous ire of Iowa fans

With the most recent news of exciting rumblings are happening in Nebraska! Prospect Dylan Raiola is potentially flipping from his Georgia commitment. Kyle McCord is favored to land as a former starting quarterback from Ohio State. There is also Julian Fleming, who just visited Lincoln, seemingly following his former signal caller.

It can be very frustrating to watch a struggling offense. Especially when some of the nation's top tier programs just make moving the chains look so easy. It is even more so when there does not appear to be any hope or light at the end of the tunnel.

Nebraska Football and Iowa style of play

For two programs that pride themselves on being defensive-led, looking to manage the game on offense, a difference maker on the typical point-scoring side of the ball would immediately alter the projection of a season.

The sentiments of Iowa fans bring up a crucial point to consider. In today's college football, with how the rules are heavily favoring the offense, can anyone afford to be a defensive/special teams school anymore?

A program that builds itself around the other units first, like Iowa and Nebraska Football have important aspects going for them.

Nebraska Football foundation of defensive identity

By being defense centered, and solid in special teams play, a team will always be in position to win a close, sloppy game. Just look at Iowa this past season, they went to a limited backup quarterback that ended up really having a hard time to get first downs, but still played in the Big Ten Championship game.

light. Next. Kyle McCord looking like a ‘lock’ for Nebraska football. Kyle McCord looking like a ‘lock’ for Nebraska football

Building a program the right way, regardless of which side of the ball you emphacize, ensures that you buld a gritty, resilient football team. And just like Nebraska fans are now finding out, especially in this transfer portal era, any program is only one elite talent away from being dynamic.

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