Former Nebraska football transfer target to land in Big Ten?

There was a time when Will Howard was thought to be an option for Nebraska football, now it looks like he's headed to Ohio State.
Nov 25, 2023; Manhattan, Kansas, USA; Kansas State Wildcats quarterback Will Howard (18) passes the
Nov 25, 2023; Manhattan, Kansas, USA; Kansas State Wildcats quarterback Will Howard (18) passes the / Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

I’m old enough to remember earlier this month when the Nebraska football team looked like the front runners for a number of different transfer quarterbacks. Right at the top of the list at one time was Will Howard. 

The former Kansas State quarterback looked like the perfect fit for the Huskers. Then suddenly, it looked like Kyle McCord was at the front of the pack, and Howard was suddenly looking at other schools, even after a visit from Marcus Satterfield.

Once Dylan Raiola committed to the Nebraska football team, the Huskers' plans at quarterback crystallized, and it appears that if they go get a transfer signal-caller, it’s going to be someone who isn’t all that hung up on being guaranteed a starting job in 2024.

Will Howard had to move onto his own backup plan and it looks like the Nebraska football team could end up seeing their former top quarterback target land in the same conference. Especially after Ohio State’s performance on Friday night against Missouri.

There is quite a bit of talk that the former Big 12 star could end up in Columbus, despite the fact that Ohio State head coach Ryan Day has said that he’s not looking for a transfer quarterback.

Nebraska football target could land at Ohio State

According to On3, Ohio State continues to be one of the top landing spots for Howard, though it’s not clear how close he is to pulling the trigger. The USC Trojans are still very much in the running.

There’s also still some talk that he could go to the NFL and give up the college game altogether.

If Howard does go to Ohio State, Nebraska football coaches are going to have some people questioning their decision making around the position. With the loss of divisions in 2024, the Big Ten is a much bigger free-for-all. Every little blip can change where a team like the Huskers fall.

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The Buckeyes getting a quarterback it looks like Nebraska football could have landed will be a story for sure.