3 Reasons Nebraska basketball will not make the NCAA Tournament

The Nebraska basketball team is right on the razor's edge and there is certainly a chance it will miss the tournament.
Purdue v Nebraska
Purdue v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

Yesterday, I gave you three reasons why Nebraska basketball will be dancing come March.

But today, I believe we are the worst team in college basketball history. There's no way we'll see our name on the board on Selection Sunday.

Here are three reasons why.

Nebraska basketball's strength of schedule and less-than-great losses will be held against them

Nebraska's SOS is somewhere in the 60s, depending on where you look. (One site has them at 48, which blows my mind.) Either way, not horrible. But not great either.

It's not necessarily the strength of schedule that will bite Nebraska.

It's their darned non-conference schedule. The Committee loves a solid non-con slate. It shows you're made for March. They especially value road wins at any time of year.

Nebraska lacks both.

Granted, Nebraska went 10-1 in the non-con, with wins over Kansas State (their lone road win) and Duquesne.

Nebraska dominated Pac-12 Oregon State at a neutral site. But the Beavers have a NET of 184. Doesn't do much for the resume.

I don't blame Nebraska for scheduling Lindenwood, Florida A&M, and Rider. After last year and with many new players this year, they needed several gimme-games to get on track.

But eventually we have to play with the big boys if we want to be the big boy.

Still, Nebraska had their chances. They blew a prime opportunity at home when it laid an egg against 7th-ranked Creighton. (I was there. It was great, for 11 minutes.)

Then the Huskers went to Minnesota and dominated. For a half. Then collapsed after building an 18-point lead.

Then don't get me started on Rutgers.

Look at it this way: a soft schedule is unforgiving in the world of NCAA basketball. Nebraska didn't need to perfect. But it hasn't been good enough.

And it will keep Nebraska off the dance floor.

Nebraska basketball will lose at least two games they can't afford to lose

There are two games in the final 12 Nebraska simply cannot lose: Penn State and Minnesota. Both at home.

They'll lose them both. Somehow, both teams will find a way to shoot their best 3-point percentage on the road since the Carter Administration.

Nebraska will be on the outside of the Bubble looking in.

Why will they lose those games?

Because in their last three games, Nebraska has 40 turnovers and let teams set season highs for 3-pointers made.

I don't see that trend improving. As the season goes on, fatigue sets in. Turnovers and defense aren't first about skill or expertise but focus and effort. What's the first to go when you are tired?

Focus and effort.

Turnovers and poor perimeter defense are going to be the thorn in Nebraska's side in the last several weeks of the season. Enough to run what could be a special season.

Juwan Gary won't really be able to return as soon as everything thinks

Calf "strain"? Ok. I saw it. You saw it. Gary was in PAIN. He isn't day-to-day. And if he can't play, Nebraska won't beat Wisconsin or Illinois or Indiana or Rutgers.

No Gary, no dance. Simple as that.

But even if he does play, who's to say he'll be 100%? He'll play slower and tighter. He won't be as effective as he was against Purdue or against Kansas State when he had EIGHTEEN rebounds.

Let's say Gary does come back and he's 100%. Okay. That might happen (I'm no doctor).

I'm fairly certain there will be someone else who has a soul-crushing, groin-kicking, season-ending injury.

That's Nebraska basketball. It's what we've always had. It's what we'll always have. Nothing will ever change.

We'll take our crappy record and depleted spirits to a first-round exit in the NIT. Thank you very much.

At least by then, we can turn our attention from Nebraska basketball to Nebraska baseball...ugh.