Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Big Ten gearing up for war, more

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh looks on from the sidelines during the Wolverines' game against Indiana on Oct. 14, 2023.
Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh looks on from the sidelines during the Wolverines' game against Indiana on Oct. 14, 2023. /

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are about to be involved in what could be an all-out war between most of the conference and the Michigan Wolverines.

Reports began surfacing on Monday that the circus that has surrounded Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh due to a cheating/sign-stealing scandal could be nearing its finale. At least until the Wolverines respond.

Yahoo! Sports was the biggest and most complete report about what’s about to happen. It appears there are people in the Big Ten who believe a ruling could be coming as soon as  Wednesday and that it will be a multi-game suspension for Harbaugh, at the very least.

Other reports that Michigan will file a lawsuit if and when the Big Ten tries to punish them. And if that happens you’ll have the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the rest of the conference on one side and Jim Harbaugh and his supporters on the other.

The Big Ten used to be a conference that got headlines for how in lock step everyone in the conference was. But there is real strife for the first time here and it will be interesting to see what the fallout looks like.

For the most part, the Nebraska Cornhuskers have been bystanders in this, but considering it appears that Michigan used the Huskers to steal signs, they’re definitely involved in whatever happens next.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Basketball had a great night

Not only did Hoiberg’s Heroes absolutely rout Lindenwood to open up the season, but Amy Williams’ squad also started the year with quite the romp.

The Huskers beat Northwestern State 90-42 on Monday night and it was truly a team effort. Jaz Shelley led her squad with 17 points, but she was one of six Huskers to score in double digits. The 1-0 men’s team will play Florida A&M on Thursday, while the 1-0 women’s team will take on Wyoming on Friday.

Soccer going dancing

While it was a good opening night for the basketball teams, no Nebraska Cornhuskers squad had a better day than the soccer team, who received word they’re going to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2016.

The Huskers will host a tourney game to boot, as they’re a five seed and will take on South Dakota State in the tourney opener on Friday night.

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football finally gets another night game

While we knew the Maryland and Iowa games will be daytime kickoffs, it was announced on Monday that the Huskers would take on Wisconsin at 6:30 pm on November 18.

There is a chance that both teams will still be looking to get their sixth win of the season, so that night could have a ton of drama involved.