Nebraska Cornhuskers player a victim of a ‘random act of violence’

A Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball player was a victim of a ‘random act of violence’ last week, according to head coach Fred Hoiberg.

A press conference that was supposed to be a kind of celebration of the beginning of the Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball season got off to a rather interesting start.

Huskers head coach Fred Hoiberg announced right at the top of his press conference that there will be a few players out in Nebraska’s exhibition game against Doane on Sunday. Among them is transfer big man Rienk Mast.

Unfortunately, Mast is not missing the game because of a run of the mill basketball injury. Instead, he’s sitting out because as Hoiberg put it, the big man was the victim of “a random act of violence.”

The Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach did not elaborate on what exactly that meant and made it clear he wasn’t going to offer any clues or go into details. That leaves Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball fans sitting and wondering what could have happened. It also should leave them angry that something like that would happen to a Huskers player.

Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball player a victim of violence

It doesn’t sound as though this was a situation that Mast brought on himself in any way, shape or form. It’s also not clear if he was targeted, or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only other thing Hoiberg said he could add to that report is that authorities are still gathering information.

The injury to Mast wasn’t the only piece of bad news for the Nebraska Cornhuskers either. It appears that quite a few guys who will be leaned on this season are missing the contest vs Doane.

  • Juwan Gary is out due to breaking team rules.
  • Josiah Allick “tweaked is knee” in a private exhibition vs Utah.
  • Ramel Lloyd and Blaise Kaeta are out as well.

It’s an interesting unofficial start to the Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball season to say the least.