Could Nebraska football soon be dealing with Urban Meyer?

Ryan Day with Urban Meyer
Ryan Day with Urban Meyer /

The Nebraska football team turned its nose up at hiring Urban Meyer, but could that mean they’ll be facing him at another Big Ten school?

Is Urban Meyer coming back to the Big Ten? Rumors are ramping up that he could eventually be in the last conference he coached, and with a Big Ten East school to boot.

Michigan State has been looking for a new head coach for a couple of weeks now. The man who is running the program since Mel Tucker was fired hasn’t had much success. He couldn’t even beat an Iowa team that lost starting quarterback Cade McNamara early in their contest, the Spartans also had the lead for a good while.

Perhaps that loss has spurred Michigan State to act quickly. Perhaps its simply spurred the rumor mill to start churning. Whatever the reason, Urban Meyer to Michigan State is now a real rumor being reported by Fox Sports Radio’s Bernie Fratto.

The interesting thing, as far as Nebraska football is concerned is that the school that refused to interview the former Ohio State coach could be having to play against him in the near future if the rumors are true. The question now is just how fast the Spartans are going to move, if these reports are in fact, true.

Nebraska football might have to deal with Urban Meyer again

The rumors that Michigan State will hire a man who is currently a Fox Sports analyst just started ramping up on Tuesday night. As of now, any rumbles are more guesswork than anything else.

However, the Spartans do have the benefit of being the only Power 5 program out there really looking for a new head coach. Northwestern will likely be in the same boat this offseason, but they don’t appear in any hurry to replace interim coach David Braun.

There seems to be more of a sense of urgency in East Lansing.

Of course, there also appears to be plenty of reports that say Urban Meyer isn’t coaching Michigan State or anywhere else. On Wednesday morning, Bruce Feldamn did his best to shut things down

So do Nebraska football fans have to worry about facing off with the former Ohio State coach in reality? It seems extremely unlikely.