Deion Sanders reminds Nebraska football fans of Scott Frost post Oregon loss

Deion Sanders walks the field during warm ups
Deion Sanders walks the field during warm ups /

Nebraska football fans saw some similarities between Scott Frost and Deion Sanders after the Colorado Buffaloes lost to the Oregon Ducks on Saturday.

The bloom is officially off the rose when it comes to Deion Sanders, even if the national media still won’t admit it. One of the interesting way “Coach Prime” lost his luster is in the comments he made after his team lost 42-6 to Oregon. Those comments reminded Nebraska football fans of their own recently failed head coaches. And CU fans should definitely be worried if the similarities between Deion and Scott Frost continue piling up.

"“I’m serious, I analyze and I understand what we’re up against and what we have and what we need. One thing that I can say, honestly and candidly … you better get me right now. This is the worst we’re going to be. You better get me right now.”"

Obviously, it’s not hard to dismiss those comments from Sanders as his usual braggadocio. Even after a 36-point whupping, where his team had fewer yards at half (23) than his opponent had points (35), he was talking about other teams needing to worry about him.

Sometimes, that level of confidence is good. It helps the team rebound quickly from a bad loss. Sometimes, it looks like Scott Frost in 2018.

Nebraska football fans cringe at ‘better get us now’

2018 was Frost’s first year coaching the Nebraska football team, just like 2023 is Prime’s first season. Appearing at Big Ten Media Days before the season even started, Frost was asked a lot about the public perception of the Huskers.

"“I know if we’re getting better day by day, we’re going to be really dangerous and hard to beat in the very near future. We’ll see how this first year goes but people better get us now because we’re going to keep getting better.”"

Of course, Nebraska football didn’t get better under Scott Frost. In his final season in Lincoln, they lost to Georgia Southern at Memorial Stadium. He was fired one day later.

While Colorado certainly seems to be in a better spot than the Huskers were, it’s worth pointing out that the Buffaloes needed a come-from-behind, double-overtime victory to knock off Colorado State.

That’s a Colorado State that went 3-9 last year and was thumped 41-10 at one point by Sacramento State in 2022. Perhaps Deion Sanders doesn’t have his team climbing the heights as much as people think.

Maybe the rest of the country better get Prime now because his team will only get better. Maybe he’ll continue to remind people of Nebraska football and Scott Frost and be out of coaching in five years.

It’s going to be interesting to watch what happens next.