Nebraska Football: Fox Sports celebration of Travis Hunter spectacularly backfires

Fox Sports loves Travis Hunter so much that it celebrated a play where he committed a penalty and Nebraska football fans were happy to point it out.

Now that Colorado is 2-0 after its win over Nebraska football, the hype surrounding the Buffaloes is getting all the more ridiculous.

Even before today, far too much of that hype was coming from Fox Sports. The network and social media has gone all in on Colorado. That continued on Monday afternoon. And its latest attempt to hype Colorado and Travis Hunter backfired spectacularly and hilariously.

It’s also more than a little annoying.

Fox Sports tweeted out a short clip of Travis Hunter going up against Nebraska football tight end Nate Boerkircher when the Huskers were on offense. The clip shows the tight end blocking the CU defensive back completely out of the play.

Hunter gets pushed back about five yards away from the line of scrimmage before grabbing Boerkircher’s facemask and ripping off his helmet. For some reason, Fox Sports social media believed this showed something impressive by Hunter.

“It’s not the size of the dog, it’s the size of the fight in the dog for Travis Hunter,” the account added as a caption before using the flex emoji.

Nebraska football-centric tweet backfires

It took no time at all for Husker fans to point out how strange the tweet was.

Nebraska football fans are rightfully outraged that a play where Hunter was committing a penalty that didn’t get called is being hailed as some kind of toughness.

It goes to show that things have gotten a bit out of hand when it comes to Colorado hype. This isn’t sour grapes on the part of Nebraska football either. It has nothing to do with another bad loss.

The Nebraska football program has a lot going against it these days. It would be nice if entire sports networks understand what’s a good play and what’s a penalty. And not pretend there isn’t a difference.