Nebraska Cornhuskers News: Malachi Coleman turns fan on Fan Day, more

Nebraska cornhuskers Fans dress for the cold (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
Nebraska cornhuskers Fans dress for the cold (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

Malachi Coleman had himself a great Nebraska Cornhuskers football Fan Day, and he wanted to take it all in by getting autographs from attendees.

One of the newest Nebraska Cornhuskers has often showed off the kind of person he is and it’s clear that he’s someone who has a chance to make a difference in people’s lives. There’s making people happy with the way he plays football. And then there’s making people’s lives better by being a good person and making an impact off the field.

Coleman showed what kind of guy he is once again on Sunday when he turned the tables on attendees of Fan Day. Coleman started collecting autographs of the kids who had come to get his autograph.

Not only did it show off the kind of person that the Nebraska football player is, but it also showed off the kind of program that Matt Rhule is putting together.

Nebraska Cornhuskers getting rid of the ‘ish’

One of the topics that Nebraska football head coach Matt Rhule touched on during his appearances at Big Ten Media Days was that he wants his players to pay attention to the little things.

Obviously, few coaches don’t think that’s something worth focusing on. However, Rhule put it in terms that make people understand just what he’s looking for the team to eventually do.

“Everyone’s kind of like on-timeish,” Rhule said Thursday in Indianapolis. “They show up at 8:04, it’s like, I’m here. No. If you have a meeting, be here at 8. Actually? Be early. It’s just because I’m going to act on that it seems like a bigger deal. I can promise you our players are way more disciplined than most programs. I can promise you that.”

Tom Shatel writes that if he can get the team to pay attention to being on time, it makes sense that the Nebraska Cornhuskers could turn what has been six years of bad clutch play around.