Nebraska football recruiting battle looking like a Sunday night ‘W’

Malachi Coleman shines at Polynesian Bowl
Malachi Coleman shines at Polynesian Bowl /

Nebraska football looks like it’s going to be coming away with another big commit when things clear up on Sunday night for Preston Taumua.

There’s been a ton of talk in June and July about the job Matt Rhule is doing recruiting for the future of Nebraska football. When the smoke clears on Sunday night, it appears there are going to be even more accolades.

Rhule and his staff, and on Sunday especially Donovan Raiola, are positioned to get more love from recruiting experts when offensive line prospect Preston Taumua pulls the trigger. At this point in time, it seems like there’s very little chance he’s pulling the trigger for anyone but Nebraska football.

The Huskers started trending for the state of Hawaii’s top prospect in the 2024 class started about 10 days ago. Tonight he’ll make it official and announce where he’s going to play his college ball.

Make no mistake; this is a big deal for the Cornhuskers and for the player. Taumua is holding a “commitment party” on Sunday night and during the event, he’ll do the traditional putting on the hat of the team he’s choosing.

Nebraska football recruiting needs another boost

It feels like this summer, more than any before, all the big schools around the country are getting one commitment after another in June and July. There used to be quite a bit of mystery into September and October.

Some of the top of players in the country are still waiting until later in the fall, but the middle of the summer is becoming a much bigger time to get recruiting wrapped up. Nebraska football certainly knows that.

Rhule and company also know that in sports, it’s always “what have you done lately?” It’s the same for recruiting. And even if the Nebraska football team had a hell of a June, if they go too long between commitments, people are going to wonder what’s going on.

The flip side of that is that if the Huskers can keep reeling in players, especially 4-star players that are among the best offensive line prospects in the country, the rest of the country is going to take notice. It will be that much easier to keep moving forward recruiting-wise.

Nebraska football beating out teams like Auburn, Oregon. Alabama and Arizona for a player like this would be a big deal. It would be a momentum builder. Preston Taumua’s announcement party will be one to watch.